Minecraft - Diamond Hoe

Japter Two

awesum story written by user josharo

(april 9th 2021)

Ari: Ahh Good Morning Giant 6 Foot Skeleton

*Door Bells Rings

Ari: Oh! Someone Is At The Door! I Am Going To Go Answer The Door Now.

Ari: You Stay Put 6 Foot Skeleton I Will Cook Up Breakfest Soon\

*Ari Answers The Door

Ari: ZOMG! It's Snoop Dog 6 Foot Skeleton!

(It Is Now Revealed That U R Snoop Dawg)

*Joker Is Walking Up 2 The Door From The Car

Ari: And Joker????

*Joker Is Putting On His Makeup As Hes Walking To The Door

Joker: Hello Ari!

Joker: Wanna Hear A Joke??

Snoop Dog: No One Wants To Hear Your Stupid Jokes Joker

Joker: I Apologize Snoop.

Ari: So What Bring You 2 Here?

Snoop Dog: I Need A Place For Joker To Stay During His Rehab.

Snoop Dog: I Heard You Were Nursing A 6 Foot Skeleton?

*Ari Nods His Head

Ari: Why Is He In Rehab Doe??

Snoop Dog: Because He Has Level 2 Dep-

*Joker Interrupts Snoop

Joker: I Can't Beat Level 2 Of Red Ball Adventure! Jajajajaja!

Joker: Sorry I Just Wanted To Finished Your Sentence For You.....

Snoop Dog: Anyways As I Was Saying He Needs A Place To Stay While He's In Rehab For His Level 2 Depression,

Snoop Dog: Its Getting Worse By The Months.

Joker: No Its Not! Look I Am Getting Better Already

Ari: Ok! I Will Gladly Take Joker Into Rehab.

Snoop Dog: Thanks Homie!

*Ari And Joker Start Walking Inside

Joker: Oh Wait!

Joker: I Forgot My Belongings In The Car!

Joker: Snoop Dog Can You Please Grab Me Them?

*Snoop Dog Grabs Jokers Belongs Out From His Car

*Snoop Dog Hands Joker His Things And Boogies Away

Ari: Ok Joker Wait Here Im Gonna Go Check On 6 Foot Skeleton And Then Make Some Breakfast

Joker: Ok!

*Ari Walks Down Stairs

Ari: Alright 6 Foot Skeleton What Would You Like To Eat?

Mr. Bones: Hmmm. I Could Go For Some Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets!

Ari: Alrighty!

Ari: Oh Yeah! We Got A New Person Staying Over, Why Dont You Come And Introduce Yourself To Him?

Mr. Bones: Ok

*Ari And Mr. Bones Walk Up The Stairs

Ari: Hey Joker! Meet Mr. Bones! Mr. Bones Meet Joker!

Joker And Mr. Bones At Same Time: Hi

Ari: So Joker What Would You Like To Eat?

Joker: Ummmmm..

*Joker Thinks Of Something Funny He Would Like To Eat

Ari: Whats So Funny Joker

Joker: Oh Nothing, I'll Have Some Pie

Ari: Okay!

*Ari Goes TO Makew Their Breakfasts

*10 Minutes Go By

Mr. Bones: Its Been Awhile Now... It Might Aswell Be Lunch!

Mr. Bones: So Anyways Joker, What Did You Find So Funny Earlier?


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